Nuances of Betting on Dota 2 Matches

Esports betting is not just about predicting the potential winner. Different book makers will provide various lines on the whole range of things, including actions, risk levels, and bonuses.

Each famous esports title usually features its own set of markets, addressing different aspects of the game. Every bet on csgo games is no different so that markets can be found for series, maps, and other in-game moments. Here are some of the most common side markets in Dota 2 to pay attention to.

Maps offered in a series

Different Dota 2 tournaments feature different formats, while most series are contested in either best-of-three or best-of-five way. Thus, the total number of maps played in a series is not clearly estimated. Every betting provider has a different approach to this process. For instance, when it comes to an over/under at 2.5 maps on a best-of-three series, bettors choosing the under bet can win if the series ends with a 2-0 score in either direction.

Maps winning handicaps

How many maps are won by one of the teams? This question can be answered in an over/under way or in a more straightforward way of just choosing the exact number of maps a team wins during the series. The concept of over/under bets is similar to the one for total maps involved. Predicting a team to win two maps in a best-of-three will have the same pay out as a straightforward bet. Predicting the number of games a team wins in a loss can also bring some immense returns when correct.

Sirst blood on a map

First blood in Dota 2 is reached when a player scores the first kill of the map on an opponent. As a result, e bettor can expect a higher reward for the kill. This line can be the same across each map in a series, with no difference for game one or game five. Depending on the Dota 2 metagame, first blood may not bring a big profit but it provides plyers with little incentive to pursue it in the future. Thus, the first blood can be drawn later on as part of a larger skirmish. These outcomes in odds tend to be quite close to a coin toss.

Odd or even kill in a map or series

Choosing the team that draws first blood is usually a pickā€™em. Meanwhile, the definitive Dota 2 bet aims to collect odds or evens on the general kill amount. These markets are provided by most bookmakers with odds that are close to even. At the same time, there is no real rhyme or reason to choosing where the total will land, so this kind of bet is decided by chance.

Roshan kills on a map

If you are familiar with Dota 2, you should know about Roshan, a massive monster living along the river of the Dota 2 map. Both teams have a chance to kill him for a boost of gold and XP. Also, Roshan needs to be killed to set up a game-ending offensive, but he disappears from the map after being killed for a particular period of time.

Some bookies offer an over/under options on the number of times Roshan is killed during a map. Others offer bets on the teams that are the first to kill Roshan during a map.