Since season 14 is just beginning, expect this list to change a bit after weeks! We have tried our best to present meta, but we will not consider our list as final. Now the meta is pretty balanced, that is, many heroes are still viable, even if they are not high on our list. It is difficult to make any final statements but here is a list of heroes who are already beginning to influence the competitive game. Check them before betting on and your chances to succeed will increase.

Overwatch Heroes: The Best of the Best

Have a closer look at the most important heroes:

  • Bastion. Blizzard has changed the amount of ammunition in reconnaissance mode and reduced the scatter of weapons when shooting in turret mode in the hope that it would give him a "small hit in the attack." It turns out that it only turned him into an absolute monster - in certain scenarios, of course. We would not say that he is broken by some kind of imagination, but if you can coordinate your work with the team and confront a specific team, he is now much better prepared to turn the situation in your favor.
  • Fist of Death. In the latest patch, Blizzard harshly punished the crowd control of the Fist of Death. It’s much more difficult to make an impact if you don’t go all-in on the back line and stay unharmed. Tracer and Genji are able to do all this much more reliably, so if Blizzard does not go for the Death Fist buff, we can hardly see how he will play in a competitive game.
  • McCree. McCree received a 10 point damage boost, which means that he is now better at breaking tanks and eliminating any weak enemies that stand in his way.
  • Genji. With the latest changes of Death Fist, it looks like we are seeing a ninja-cyborg resurgence. He is now contributing, causing chaos and being a real inconvenience.
  • Ash. Although she is not going to completely replace McCree, we found her mobility a real pleasure on the battlefield. Her Edge gives her a brilliant uprightness, and, unlike McCree, she can destroy such diving enemies as Winston or the Fist of death. Of course, it can do quite massive damage, but it all depends on the player’s capabilities. In most matches, we don’t see much of Ash, simply because it’s so hard to master.
  • Torbjorn. Torbjorn is a strong defensive option in the right situation, but in most cases it is not the best. He is perfectly able to lock points (Hanamura), but you will want someone more universal if things go wrong.
  • Brigitte. Brigitte receives a constant trickle of nerf to her abilities without healing, and in the last PTR patch she was hit with a nerf on her Blow by a shield. Although he does less damage, we still believe that her ability to control (like the Fist of death) is more than enough to keep her in the game.
  • Widow. She is incredibly strong, but only if you have exceptional accuracy and positional awareness.

Now, you have a better understanding of characters' abilities to choose the best one. The right choice of the hero will help you to win!