Benefits of BookNet as a Self-Publishing Literary Platform

BookNet has been established as an international self-publishing literary platform that provides writers and readers with effective online reading and publishing. Thanks to a vast array of contests, young and experienced writers have a great opportunity to get their best books to read published in print media. If you are lucky enough, you will see your novel printed and uploaded to this online platform for a public view.

Publishing Books for Online Reading

How to get the privileges offered by Booknet? On the official website of this literary resource, authors can post their books without an additional service charge. Also, they can sell them to publishers for considerably lower price rates. Authors can even make a profit over those books which still are not completed. This smart trick has become very popular among young writers as they sell drafts of their books by subscription. Here are the more detailed descriptions of the possible benefits:

  • Fast and easy online self-publishing: Publishing free books at will let you promote your books and even uncompleted drafts through social media and search engines such as Google. By offering free access to a great spectrum of books, writers attract readers who might want to buy those texts.
  • Affordable charge for subscription: A writer can improve his/her commercial status by joining a paid membership. A standard subscription package covers the period of three months when the drafts can be operated. By the end of that time, the writer starts selling the finished books.
  • Opportunity to make a profit over books and drafts: The process of selling your finished eBooks on is similar to the one through a printed retailer.

Online Book Sales

Whether you have a draft to work on or a finish book, you can earn some money. At, they have an advanced system of blogs and reviews which make it easier for you to keep the whole process under control. To succeed in that, you need to follow all the updates and ask for feedback about each published chapter.

By talking to Booknet’s readers, you can increase the number of followers. Every author who gets a paid subscription on BookNet also receives free banners and advertisement campaigns for each book. All these benefits and even more can be achieved through social media and search engines.